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Newsflash: Trip to Great Valley Nature Center on Tuesday.



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                 This Week in PreKindergarten

This week we continued to talk about autumn. We went on a leaf hunt and found all kinds of beautiful leaves.  We drew some leaves in our science notebook and used leaves to make people and animal pictures.   We are learning some Halloween songs and poems.  Everyone can spell and write the word, "Boo". 

Next week will begin our study of the Lenape Indian tribe.  These Native Americans lived in the Delaware Valley many years ago.  Our letter of the week will be G for gathering.  Ava and Chase will have turns with the Surprise Bag.

Our next unit will begin with a trip to Great Valley Nature Center for a program on Lenape Life on Tuesday, November 1.  We hope that you will make an effort to get the girls to bed in a timely fashion on Halloween evening as we will be outdoors all morning on the 1st.  The girls should be dressed in clothing appropriate for the weather.  Coats, hats, and mittens may be needed if the day is chilly and the wind is blowing.  Consider sending boots only if it is rainy or muddy as it is easier for the girls to walk in sneakers.

In our housekeeping corner we will build a Lenape longhouse. We need your help with this project.  Please consider sending some of the following items to school.  We could use blankets, wooden bowls and spoons, leather clothing, moccasins, beads, Indian corn, small pumpkins, gourds, chestnuts or other nuts with a shell, baskets, or rugs. Please mark items which you would like to have returned with your name on a piece of masking tape.

With the cooler weather on the horizon, please consider sending some lip balm to school to keep in your daughter's bin.  Every girl should also have a sweater or sweatshirt at school to put on when the room is a bit cool. You may wish to exchange your daughter's summer clothes in the bin for warmer clothes. We would appreciate having long sleeve shirts, pants, socks, and underwear for each member of the class.

























Monday Phys Ed Sneakers and shorts or pants Halloween Parade  1:30
Tuesday Music and Library Trip to Great Valley Nature Center


Wednesday Phys Ed Sneakers and shorts or pants


Thursday Music  


Friday Phys Ed

Sneakers and shorts or pants




Halloween will be celebrated on Monday, October 31.  Please send your daughter's costume to school in a bag labeled with her name.  After lunch we will help get the girls dressed with help from Michelle Matarazzo and Carrie Soroush.  We hope you will join us for the Halloween Parade which will be held at 1:30 either outside the Lower School or in the Upper School gymnasium.  Many of the girls have fancy shoes as part of their costumes.  However, the fact is that we walk all around the campus and the girls need shoes that fit well and are safe for climbing up and down stairs.  This will be an exciting day.  We can hardly wait!

Our next Parent Coffee will be on Tuesday, November 8.  Please join us at 11:00 AM in the PreK room for a time to talk about our program and ask questions that you may have.  You are welcome to bring your coffee and younger siblings.  At 11:30 you may choose to take your daughter to the Book Fair and shop for books.  The girls may also come with Dad or Mom on Monday, November 7 from 7:30 to 8:15.  Arrival for PreK begins at 8:10 as normal on that morning.


Links and Resources

Great Valley Nature Center

We'll visit Great Valley Nature Center in November to learn
about the Lenape Indians.

Philadelphia Zoo

This is the Philadelphia zoo site. See what you can find, and tell us about it!


Academy of Natural Sciences

We visited the museum in October to learn about dinosaurs.


Milky Way Farm


We'll visit this farm in the spring to learn about farm animals.


This is one of our favorite field trips to a local beautiful garden.